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   More and more cross-border e-commerce sellers sell products on the Amazon platform in order to increase sales and exposure. Most Amazon sellers choose to use Amazon's FBA service. However, before the first delivery to the Amazon warehouse, Amazon sellers faced different countries' customs declaration policies, often resulting in customs clearance delays or even customs clearance due to non-conformity. YXDAEX integrates the needs of Amazon sellers and cooperates with customs clearance companies with many years of customs clearance experience to tailor FBA lines in various countries. Ship the goods safely to the Amazon warehouse for you.

       YXDAEX can provide almost all the door-to-door service of Amazon FBA warehouse. For FBA warehouses all over the US, Europe, Japan and Canada, we provide the route to Amazon sellers with economical and fast service for customers to choose. Air freight and LCL are our strengths, and we can customize the service according to the customer's own needs to ensure the clearance speed. In addition, we work with Amazon's designated trailer line to ensure the most cost-effective delivery service. We provide direct access to FBA warehouses by sea, air and express.


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