Express - DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT

    YXDAEX cooperates with internationally renowned express delivery brands, UPS\DHL\TNT\FedEx and other courier service companies to realize express delivery business in all regions of the world, providing customers with safe and accurate door-to-door pickup, packaging, customs declaration, transportation and delivery. Convenient international express delivery service. Timeliness, safety is absolutely assured, the price is reasonable, aiming to provide you with one of the best international express delivery channels. With a comprehensive overseas agent network and strong strength and rigorous work, we provide you with comprehensive logistics services such as bonded warehousing, packaging sorting, distribution and distribution, and trade agency. Deliver the goods safely for you.

Express business scope

                                                     hina - Global: Export Transportation Services

                                                   Global - China:Global foreign pickup business, import transportation services

Express transportation advantage

Comprehensive service to create value for customers

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