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  • B2C service For cross-border e-commerce companies and platforms, provide integrated services, receive goods from abroad, international transportation, customs clearance in China, and delivery from China. Learn more
  • Bonded import For the cross-border e-commerce platform, it provides integrated services for transportation from abroad, domestic bonded area stocking, bonded warehousing, and customs clearance, sorting, packaging and delivery directly from the bonded warehouse when the order is generated. Learn more
  • Express personal items Express shipments are airlifted from abroad to the Chinese airport, and are declared to the customs by means of personal postal items. YXDAEX provides foreign extraction services Learn more
  • Postal personal items From the air or land transportation to the EMS postal facilities in China, EMS declares the goods to the customs by means of personal postal items at its supervision place. All customs offices of the EMS supervision site are stationed, collectively known as postal customs clearance. Learn more
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    Tracking, stocking, customs clearance, and distribution. No worries all the time.

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    The process is simpler and clearer and easier to operate.

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    Multiple modes of transportation, no import qualification required

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