Value-added services

Value-added services

 YXDAEX has a professional customer service tracking from receiving orders to delivery destinations, so that customers can feel at ease, peace of mind and peace of mind.
  To provide you with high-quality value-added services: providing overseas warehousing, printing Amazon's labels and other services.

Value-added services business scope

FBA value-added services:

                                  1. FBA product testing: YXDAEX provides QC service (non-SGS), basic inspection services such as product packaging or product appearance quantity counting;

2, FBA labeling services: YXDAEX in China's warehouse to provide packaging, print SKU labels, stickers with SKU labels, Amazon inbound labels;
3, FBA returns: YXDAEX can return the goods stored in the overseas warehouse of e-commerce customers back to China;
4, FBA US Amazon returns, replace the label
5, warehousing services: YXDAEX's US overseas warehouse provides warehousing services

 The US logistics services:

1、1. US warehousing logistics services:

If your product has a high storage cost in the Amazon warehouse, you can choose YXDAEX US overseas warehousing service at a reasonable price;

2, the United States to pick up the goods - China:

If you need to import goods into China, YXDAEX will provide you with a door-to-door delivery service in China, and China will deliver it to your designated location. Peace of mind for you.

Hong Kong warehousing logistics services:

1. Hong Kong local warehousing services:

If your goods need to be placed in Hong Kong for a period of time and you can't find a suitable warehouse, YXDAEX can provide you with local warehousing services in Hong Kong with low fees, safety and convenience.

2、 Provide customs clearance, customs clearance and delivery services for Hong Kong Airport (Dock):

To send goods to Hong Kong, you need a local customs clearance company in Hong Kong. YXDAEX provides you with a professional customs clearance team, customs clearance, customs clearance, and one-stop service for delivery.

3、Hong Kong - Shenzhen Logistics Transportation Service

Shenzhen warehouse logistics services:

free warehousing services:short-term and small parcels

Comprehensive service to create value for customers

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