B2C service

B2C service

For cross-border e-commerce companies and platforms, we provide integrated services such as receiving goods from abroad, international transportation, customs clearance in China, and delivery from China. At present, the Hong Kong line, the United States (Los Angeles and New York) line, the Japan line, the South Korea line, the German line, the Netherlands line, the Australian line have been opened.



Service group

· Independent e-commerce platform companies in China or abroad
· Merchants of integrated e-commerce platforms in China or abroad
· Suitable for e-commerce and purchasing platforms with relatively loose categories



service advantage

Sunshine specification, formal customs clearance, lower cost, faster speed, flexibility, less category restrictions


Low shipping costs, low operating costs, low customs clearance fees, low taxes

Compared with the past, the way of importing through general trade has eliminated tariffs and value-added tax, and only pays extra tax-free postal tax. It can also save most of the freight by means of overseas air transportation, China-Hong Kong vehicles, etc., while operating fees and customs clearance fees are For the lowest.


Full system docking and tracking, efficient and easy to control

Comprehensive service to create value for customers

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