Bonded import

Bonded import

For the cross-border e-commerce platform, it provides integrated services for transportation from abroad, stocking in China's bonded area, bonded warehousing, and customs clearance, sorting, packaging and delivery directly from the bonded warehouse when the order is generated.

Main service

Imported B2B2C services, mainly for cross-border e-commerce platform to provide transportation from abroad, China Bonded Area stocking, bonded warehousing, and customs clearance, sorting, packaging and delivery of goods directly from the bonded warehouse when the order is generated.
Imported B2B2C services are carried out in the form of “in bulk batches, distributed”; “the whole batch of imports” means that the entire batch of imported goods is filed with the customs through the Yunxinda comprehensive service platform and declared to enter the customs bonded zone; “distributed” means cross-border electricity. The company will transfer the orders generated after the personal online shopping to the YXDAEX service platform, and the platform will immediately declare to the customs to realize automatic electronic customs clearance. After the customs clearance is successful, the bonded warehouse will be shipped out of the order and dispatched.


service advantage:

Same day clearance, same day delivery

Compared with traditional users, after purchasing directly from overseas, after a long wait to receive the goods, YXDAEX service can clear the goods on the same day after the user places the order and concentrate the delivery on the same day, the efficiency is improved several times, greatly improving the user experience and Word of mouth.

The process is simpler and clearer, easy to operate and easy to control

The overall process of YXDAEX service is clear and simple, easy to operate, and the entire process is managed by overseas personnel. The quality and quality control are completely different. The traditional whole process needs to be managed by the whole process, and a large number of professional operations and management are designed in the middle. It is easy to make mistakes when it is careless. YXDAEX service gives you peace of mind.

Full electronic clearance

Due to the use of the customs system to handle customs clearance, and customs clearance products have been pre-recorded for goods, the whole process is automatically released, which is several times more efficient than the traditional customs clearance method, which also ensures that users get purchased faster. Items that greatly enhance the user experience.

The whole process is supported by the new customs policy, and the safety is regulated.

In the past, cross-border merchandise shopping was carried out by means of express delivery, parcels, etc., and the efficiency was low and limited to customs declaration. The number of single customs was limited, and a considerable proportion of illegal entry methods were used to enter the country. There were legal risks and the goods could not be guaranteed. Effective customs clearance time, the overall risk is passed on to users, which is unfavorable.

Full system docking and tracking, efficient and easy to control

YXDAEX provides high-efficiency and low-cost import services, and the whole system is docked for easy operation tracking and high-efficiency control.

Lower shipping costs, lower operating fees, lower customs clearance fees, lower delivery fees, lower taxes

Compared with the past, the way of importing through general trade has eliminated tariffs and value-added tax, and only pays extra tax-free postal tax. It can also save most of the freight by means of overseas air transportation, China-Hong Kong vehicles, etc., while operating fees and customs clearance fees are For the lowest.

Comprehensive service to create value for customers

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