Amazon FBA considerations
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At the meeting, General Manager of Amazon South China, Kang Ping said that Amazon's aim for many years is to insist on starting from the customer experience and to cultivate stable, powerful and distinctive sellers.
He also shared the Amazon flywheel theory with the sellers:
1. Ninety percent of the flow is natural, not for spending money;
2, the product is the focus of the seller, good products bring high traffic;
3. For brand protection, sellers can apply for brand protection from Amazon.
Yun Xinda was informed that behind the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce in China, the shortcomings of logistics that have not kept pace with rhythm have become one of the problems that plague businesses.
Not only because the timeliness of cross-border logistics is difficult to control, but also because it is difficult to achieve a balance between cost and quality of service. For the Amazon FBA logistics system, Yun Xinda Logistics introduced that overseas warehouses can flexibly transfer goods to Amazon warehouses for Amazon sellers. He also reminds sellers when using FBA head-end services.
The following points must be noted:
1. A true declaration is required;
2. Packing goods according to FBA requirements;
3. The goods meet the entry requirements of the destination country;
4. Amazon is not responsible for customs clearance. Do not fill in the Amazon name for the recipient's name and address.
5. Tariff prepayment does not mean that there is no problem in customs clearance.
Multi-channel operations help sellers achieve global sales
In the cross-border e-commerce supply chain, people tend to focus on the electronic flow of information flow, logistics and business flow, and it is often easy to ignore the backing role of capital flow. Mr. Lei Peng, vice president of Yixin Company, said that in order to realize the entrepreneurial dream more far-sightedly, it is necessary to go up the storm and achieve great cause with comprehensive and personalized inclusive finance and wealth management.
The huge business opportunities in the global market are deeply attracting Chinese companies, but how do the majority of merchants realize the dream of transnationality? Huang Jian, director and general manager of ChannelAdvisor Greater China, suggested that Chinese merchants can adopt “multi-national multi-channel model” to cooperate with refined digital marketing. Improve the results of diversion, use third-party software such as Changlu sales to maximize online exposure, and then sell, and create a digital management background of “inventory database + Chinese interface”. Through this background, merchants can quickly expand cross-border e-commerce channels and efficiently manage channels.
The channel is there, for the seller how to quickly collect money. At the meeting, World First Asia Pacific senior manager Mr. James Selkirk introduced World First as one of Amazon's payment methods to quickly help sellers open USD/EUR bank accounts and collect multi-currency purchases at preferential exchange rates. And there is no withdrawal limit, can be directly replaced by the multi-faceted advantages of the renminbi to serve the public.
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