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In the United States, online zero industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, but for new businesses, entering the online retail market is quite difficult. Instead of racking your brains to get customers into your new website and competing for traffic in crowded cyberspace, you might as well go to their "location" to find them.
Amazon's monthly visits amounted to 197 million. New e-commerce companies want to put their products on Amazon and hope to drain from them. Although this can be achieved, it is not simple.
A large number of companies have failed in this process. Like the Internet, Amazon is also very crowded. The platform has more than 3 billion items worldwide, and an average of 1.3 million products are added to the site every day.
So what kind of policy do you have to make to be successful on Amazon?
Make your products unique & add value
Even if your product is the same as the one already on Amazon, you need to highlight the difference in your product by keyword, product color difference and other product special features, so that the product can appear in the search results.
"Some small changes to the product, Amazon's attitude towards the product will be very different," said entrepreneur and Amazon FBA big seller Dan Vaasa.
"Use keyword search" to change the color of the product, upgrade the material or change the design slightly. • As long as the quality you capture from the product is the way to distinguish your product from other products. "sense
The Amazon algorithm is very price sensitive. Price monitoring company Profitero's data shows that the daily price change on Amazon is 2.5 million times! This means that a product on Amazon has an average price change every 10 minutes. In contrast, Wal-Mart's price change in November last year was only 50,000 times. This shows that for the same product, many sellers can sell at a lower price.
Unlike normal thinking, Vaasa suggests that the price of the product should be raised slightly. Because doing so not only differentiates your product from other products, but it also allows you to benefit from small and medium. "The product quality, quality design, good brand voice, and what customers see, feel, hear, or benefit from the product enhances the value of your product," he said.
Automated email marketing
Every successful marketer, whether working in an Amazon business, a social marketing company or a former entity, relies on email marketing, which is a great way to communicate with customers. Tracking after-sales with automated mail is a great way to get anti-German from future customers. If your customers write a five-star product and give you a reward, Amazon will be very happy.
This is the key reason why eyemail campaigns are being established. First, thank you for your purchase of the product. Confirm the customer's receipt of the product by mail within a few days after purchase. The main purpose of these automated emails is to ask customers for comments in a polite manner, such as Vasa.
The key to attracting customers' attention through email is that the emails need to be targeted. No one wants to receive a thank you letter that appears to be automatically generated by the computer. Therefore, it is recommended to spend some time writing different emails for different customers. In this way, customers will have a sense of care and are more willing to give evaluation.
Investment professional product picture
The product image is the key to deciding whether the customer presses the "immediate order". When your product image is mixed in a bunch of other product images, don't underestimate the value of a high-deer professional product photo. Vaasa knows very well. Product Image. "The main picture of the product should be white with a clear background. The second photo is also white with a background and should be taken from different angles. The third and fourth are dynamic product displays that show customers how to use the product. The fifth and sixth sheets should showcase the packaging and branding of the product," Vasa shared.
Master Mason’s pay-per-click
Amazon's pay-per-click is a necessary battle for sellers, especially in the initial stage (>>Details of advertising settings in Amazon.> If you don't adopt the "pay-per-click" strategy, it will be very difficult to place your products on the front page of a large number of similar products.
Pay-per-click is an advertising marketing model that searches for specific keyword searches, which can increase the number of clicks on your product list. 1. The product is listed in the forefront of the search page. When you release a new product, I recommend that you run a budget of $20 a day for three to five days. After this mode is run, review the bifurcation data. Find out which keywords search best. Once you have this data, please create a series of manual phrases related to these special keywords on Amazon PPC again, and ask for a high price for these keywords. w tile steeply said.
Keywords This strategy may be more expensive at first, but in order to promote this strategy in the past few weeks, your ranking needs to drive the first page of search results.
Collect customer emails for future promotional activities
Most sellers on Amazon do not collect mail. This is a big loss.
"When collecting customer emails and creating a series of automated emails for future return visits, promotions and coupons, you are building your customer base with customers who are actively participating in your branded products on Amazon," Vaasa said.
He recommends using the landing page creation tool ClickFunnels, which allows you to easily automate the creation of marketing channels and landing pages. The customer is then offered a special discount based on the normal price of the product.
However, in order for these customers to receive offers, they must respond to your email. When they reply to the email, an automated email will trigger the coupon code and send it directly to the customer's email address. This should be the first email you need to make.
As your marketing funnel evolves, you can now direct traffic to specific pages through social media, email, or any other channel where you want to share links.
At any time, when customers click on the link, they are likely to purchase your product at a discounted price, and you can get the customer's email address, which can be re-marketed in the future.
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